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Real Money Radio – What You Need to Know Before Divorce

On this episode of Real Money Radio, host David D. Holland talks with Lili Vasileff to understand what financial clues may come before a divorce, and what next steps an individual might take. Lili says, “There are precursors and signs, such as a change in financial behavior that comes in dramatic fashion, like direct deposits suddenly no longer coming into shared accounts, large cash withdrawals, credit card bills no longer coming in the mail. Or on the flip side, you may be blindsided by gifts or extravagant trips. Either way, your antenna need to be up.”

Real Money Radio with David Holland

Episode originally broadcast on October 27, 2014













Listen to this radio show episode by clicking on the play arrow, or by visiting the Real Money Radio website: realmoneyradio.com/shows/AirDate10272014RealMoney.mp3

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