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Can the Gray Divorce Be a Perfect Financial Storm?

Gray divorce refers to couples aged 50 and older. Divorces include legal, emotional, and financial issues. To provide information about important financial topics to gray divorce couples and their adult children, I recently spoke to Lili Vasileff, a certified divorce financial analyst, mediator, and litigation divorce financial expert, practitioner, writer, and author of books on divorce, including Money & Divorce: The Essential… Read More

Over 10 years 43 percent of first marriages can fail – postnups


  • Whether or not a couple has signed a prenuptial agreement, they may find later in their marriage that a post-nup is called for.
  • Here’s a look at just what exactly a postnuptial is, and when it might be appropriate.
  • “Preparing these agreements opens an avenue of communication,” said Crystal Cox, senior vice president of Wealthspire in Madison, Wisconsin.

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How happy couples handle money

Weath protection management, Mediator, Litigant Expert, Divorce Financial Specialist, Financial Forensics - Lili Vasileff, CFP, MAFF, CDFA
Divorce isn’t the happiest way to start the new year, but January is a common time for couples to split: It’s unofficially been dubbed “Divorce Month” in the legal community because of an uptick in divorce filings following the holidays, according to a 2016 study from the University of… Read More

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