The Financial Pros and Cons of Getting Married Later in Life

In this article by Sandra Block for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Lili Vasileff contributes her expertise to an examination of the financial issues involved in re-marriage.  Lili says: “Many older couples decide not to get married because they don’t want to lose spousal Social Security benefits or a former spouse’s pension."

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Eleven Financial Clues That Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

In this article written by Lili Vasileff for Money.com, Lili examines the sure-fire financial indicators that a spouse is heading toward divorce. Lili says: "Divorces can have win-lose, win-win, or lose-lose outcomes. Preparation helps your case. And the earlier you recognize that divorce is imminent, the better you’ll be able to prepare." Read More

Helping clients deal with financial infidelity

In this article by Liz Skinner for Investment News, Lili Vasileff contributes to a discussion of the warning signs that a spouse's financial deceptions may be taking a toll on a marriage. Lili says: "When secretive spending becomes a behavior that's pervasive, then there's something negative happening in the marriage." Read More

Five Strategies To Get A Better Deal In Mediation

In this article by Veronica Dagher in the Wall Street Journal, Lili Vasileff contributes to a discussion of  ways you can tilt the mediation process in your favor in a divorce or a business dispute. Lili says: “Often it’s not just about the money. The other side might want to hear your thanks or an apology.”  Read More

Surviving Divorce After 50

In this article by Jean Chatzky for BankRate.com, Lili Vasileff contributes to a discussion of the fact that 1 in 4 couples getting a divorce is older than 50. Untying the knot later in life is a different animal, in many ways. Lili says: “"What makes divorce challenging for people in their 50s, and in their late 50s, especially, is the fact that typically… Read More

Financial Tips for Divorcing Couples and Families

When divorcing, finances are of the utmost importance. In this episode of Start Over Smart on Divorce Source Radio, Lili Vasileff, a pioneer in the field of divorce financial planning, provides financial tips for divorcing couples and families. Making financial decisions can feel like stepping into a world of the unknown. Lili has over thirty plus years of experience in divorce… Read More

You’re married, so should you have your own slush fund?

In this article by Jean Chatzky for Fortune.com, Lili Vasileff contributes to the discussion of recent research that finds many more men than women have bank accounts or credit cards that their spouse or live-in partner don’t know about. Should a married woman have a slush fund…a stash of cash that her spouse doesn’t have access to and maybe doesn’t even know… Read More

How to get divorced without breaking the bank

In this news article by Susan Caminiti for CNBC Personal-Finance, Lili Vasileff contributes to the discussion of recent headline news regarding the cost of a billionaire oil tycoon's divorce. Of course, most couples aren't dealing with the task of splitting billion-dollar fortunes. But even when the stakes are far lower, it'snot unheard of, say family law practitioners, for couples of moderate… Read More

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