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Money and Divorce: The Essential Roadmap to Mastering Financial Decisions

Published by the American Bar Association 2018

This book is a must have for anyone considering divorce, family law attorneys and divorce related professionals. As a nationally acclaimed divorce financial expert, Lili invites you to a soup to nuts book of how to deal with all aspects of divorce before, during, and after.

  • Learn great detail about the vast number of financial issues and considerations in divorce
  • Understand critical financial calculations tips and strategies
  • Avoid mistakes, traps, fallacies, don’ts and shouldn’ts
  • Minimize costly legal battles

Read the rave reviews from leaders in the divorce profession.

“Lili goes over virtually every aspect of divorce finances and answers your questions in a straightforward, no nonsense, yet kind and thoughtful manner.”

“Succinctly, it is an invaluable resource and as a divorce lawyer of more than 50 years, I have never read a more excellent or detailed discussion of a topic that impacts at least 50 percent of our marriages and the failure of them.”

The Ultimate Divorce Organizer Book: The Complete, Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Legal, Financial, and Personal Divorce

As seen on the HBO series “Divorce”!!

by Lili Vasileff co-authored with Laura Campbell

Here is a comprehensive guide to navigating your personal divorce. It combines the practical, applicable tools for dealing step by step with the critical financial and legal issues, as well as, provides you with positive energy of divorce coaching by my co-author, Laura Campbell. You will find worksheets, exercises, and strategies for managing all areas of your life now in transition that need your attention. The Ultimate Divorce Organizer is your comprehensive resource for knowing what comes next, preparing for it, and keeping track of all that you will need to accomplish. Utilize this organizer as a guide to keep you focused on controlling what happens during the divorce process. Your choices and decisions NOW will help you maximize your outcome.


Divorce Planner Checklist

by Lili Vasileff  with co-author Laura Campbell

Here is your own personal divorce coach, designed to guide you through the process.

  • Written by a divorce and life reinvention consultant and an expert divorce financial planner, this highly interactive guide provides essential information and advice about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.
  • Know what to expect and how to create a clear financial picture to negotiate wisely.
  • Guided fill-in pages prompt you to collect and organize relevant data.


Divorce and Separation – Connecticut Edition: A practical guide to making smart decisions

Divorce and Separation will help you work together through “mutual problem-solving.” Using this method, even highly conflicted couples can develop smart decisions about separation, children, and finances. We help you and your spouse create these solutions through activities, guided lessons, and presentation of helpful information. The book is a guide to help you address key issues such as whether and when to separate, how to make smart choices and ways to structure your finances to provide for the family’s needs.

by Michael Lang, Peter Nicholson, Fiona McAuslan Edited for Connecticut by Rosemarie Ferrante & Lili Vasileff 

Family Conflict During a Pandemic: Stories of Struggle and Hope

Thrilled to hear that the latest book project from esteemed mediator and colleague, Michael Lang ! Michael has curated his second book of amazing content from mediators and more professionals from around the world discussing family conflict during Covid. I was able to contribute a story on late life divorce which will hopefully inspire and engage.  This was a labor of love for all involved so please share and disseminate far and wide!