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Personal Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services

I am a relationship based professional with deep understanding of my clients’ priorities, circumstances and clients’ hopes for their future. I help you set goals to navigate financial decisions with confidence through post-divorce transitions. I offer customized personal advice to help give you a fresh start.

After focusing for 25 years on the impact of divorce on wealth, I go back up the “pipeline” to present essential strategies and specific examples for how you can protect and preserve wealth against miscommunication, missteps, dissipation, divorce, business breakups and costly legal battles.

I have received numerous awards for my investing expertise and financial services for women. I strive to provide a clear and simple transition for my clients who have investible assets and seek to achieve peace of mind and financial security. I feel privileged to provide you with a fresh start with investment advisory services that fit your individual lifestyle needs, address your short and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, and income needs.

I also provide a secondary opinion to new clients in order for you to evaluate and assess my investment advisory services.  The world of financial planning isn’t always easy or convenient. I make it exciting, enriching and impactful. Your needs are my only priority.


My ex-spouse and I are very lucky to have you as advisor to our mediation, and I am so reassured that she will have someone of your wisdom and talent to guide her in financial planning after the divorce.


All testimonials presented are related to divorce financial planning services. As a Registered Investment Advisor, no testimonials or advertisements are permitted.

Why Me? I Work With People Just Like You!

My expertise in working with people going through transitions is sought after by the most well respected media in the world such as CNN, CNBC, Financial Advisor Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investment News and Morningstar. I proudly have received the Women’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors and Firms, from WomenCertified Inc, in recognition of being a leading advocate for female consumers, as well as the Five Star Wealth Manager Distinction award for ranking highest in customer satisfaction every year since 2010.

How I Am Compensated:

I am compensated on an hourly basis for financial planning and as a percentage of assets under management for investment services. All compensation is solely from fees paid directly by clients.

I do not receive commissions or referral fees based on a client’s purchase of any financial product, including insurance. No commissions in any form are accepted. No referral fees are paid or accepted. No benefits are received from broker-dealers, custodians, or anyone based on client securities transactions (“soft dollar benefits”).