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Announcing enhanced litigation services

Lili Vasileff, CFP®, CDFA™, Earns Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) credential, specializing in Matrimonial Litigation, at a time when U.S. family law industry is estimated at $50 billion per year.

GREENWICH, Conn. – Lili A. Vasileff, a financial expert and author, has earned the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) credential from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), having successfully met the NACVA’s character, experience and education requirements for the MAFF credential, and having demonstrated knowledge in five critical areas: Forensic Accounting/Investigative Methodologies; Tax Considerations in Divorce; Deposition and the Dynamics of Trial: Valuation Issues in Matrimonial Engagements; Legal Theory and Case Law.
According to Darrell Dorrell and Gregory Gadawski (2012), authors of Financial Forensics, Body of Knowledge, “Financial forensics and forensic accounting have become household terms, thanks to extensive media coverage of high profile corporate failures, institutional collapses, and profligate government spending. The general public, investors, and decision makers have lost confidence in all matters of financial data and lack tools to critique its content”. The financial profession embraces the MAFF as an all inclusive defining guide to one stop training in and codification of over 250 +/- financial forensics tools, techniques, methods, and methodologies.

Lili Vasileff is the President and Founder of Divorce and Money Matters LLC based in Greenwich, CT, a fee only private financial planning practice. Lili is sought after for her experience in complicated financial issues and is called into cases that have national recognition. Lili is a distinguished pioneer in the field of divorce with over 26 years of experience and supports clients with compassion and tenacity in litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. She is a seasoned consulting expert for litigation support. After divorce, she provides comprehensive tailored personal financial planning and wealth management.

About the NACVA

NACVA has trained over 31,000 CPAs and other valuation and consulting professionals in the fields of business valuation, financial forensics, and various related specialty services serving the legal and business communities. Approximately 80% of members have obtained one of the Association’s three credentials: the Certified Valuation Analyst® (CVA®), Accredited in Business Appraisal Review™ (ABAR™), or the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics™ (MAFF™). Members of NACVA provide unique service to the community that goes to the underpinning of our society’s wealth: privately owned business enterprise. The five million businesses generating over $100,000 in annual revenue and over 15 million businesses generating under $100,000 provide most of America’s employment and are known to be worth many trillions of dollars. In fact, it is estimated that $10 trillion dollars in privately owned business capital will pass to a new generation over the next ten years as the baby boomers retire. NACVA’s service to the community is to provide the training and certification of professionals to appraise the value of these businesses, which is a very complex process. NACVA supports users of business and intangible asset valuation services and financial forensic services, including damages determinations of all kinds, as well as fraud prevention and detection.

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