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Baby Boomer Career Women and Millennial Daughters

I read the recent New York Times’ The Upshot column titled “As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops” in which the question was asked: “Why is progress stalling?” This got me thinking about how things have changed, and have not changed, from one generation to the next. So here is my own list of questions:

Has the growing emphasis on work-life balance and the expanded role of professional networking helped to provide women with greater career development opportunities and lead to workplace innovation?
Have these workplace changes helped our daughters fare better overall in terms of rising to levels of senior management, leading corporations, and being innovators creating new industries?
What has been the impact of female Millennials, who are more highly educated, as they enter the workplace in far greater numbers than any previous generation?
With the persistence of a wage gap – which in fact seems to be widening rather than shrinking – do Millennials have more in common with Baby Boomers than they might think?

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