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Necessary Conversations About Divorces

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Nobody likes to talk about their debts and it’s often the hardest part of negotiations in divorce.
Too often, one spouse didn’t realize the extent of the debt or perhaps there’s always been conflict because one party is a spender and the other is a saver. Perhaps both spouses knew about the debt but didn’t really pay attention to it because, well, life was grand, the money was coming in, and borrowing for a second car or a vacation was part of the plan. It was all going to work out.
But then it doesn’t work out and divorce happens. That means you have to confront reality.
Can the debt be paid off?
Who should take which debts?
Who can afford to pay back the debt?
How all that happens depends on circumstances for the debt in the first place and the type of debt it is – credit card debt is different from car loan debt is different from 401(k) debt is different from student loan debt. You get the picture?
Ugh. But you don’t have to figure it yourself! Joining Mandy for this Conversation is financial guru, Lili Vasileff. Lili’s latest book is Money & Divorce: The Essential Roadmap To mastering Financial Decisions (available on Amazon).
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