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Another 5 Star Review for Money & Divorce

Another 5 Star Review of Money & Divorce is in!

Another 5 Star Review of Money & Divorce is in!




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This is a must-read book whether you have just begun considering the option of getting a divorce or are in the thick of it. If you are a professional working with a divorcing client, read the book yourself and gift it to your clients. Lili Vasileff makes the point that should be obvious, but it isn’t….you don’t know what you don’t know. Each divorce is unique so relying on a previous divorce experience or advice from someone who has recently divorced is not sufficient. Divorces have so many legal, financial and emotional facets that no one can be fully up to speed with all that may be involved in your situation. She does an incredibly thorough job of providing nitty-gritty information to walk you through the first steps of how to prepare for a divorce to the realities of the finality of divorce while including all the in-between steps. And she lets you know what may vary depending on where you live. Although she focuses on finances, she approaches it very holistically. Afterall, finances are not just about money. Financial negotiations have long-term consequences that can impact every part of your life from health and parenting to lifestyle and future options.

Lili believes that being aware of what to expect and being prepared with the pre-emptive steps, questions, red flags and well-thought-out expectations will lead to the best outcomes possible. She encourages you to find the right team of professionals for accurate advice and representation and to simultaneously do what it takes to know yourself and be an active and decisive team member. Although loaded with facts, tips and advice, the book is so readable and well-organized, it feels like she is right there as a non-judgmental supportive friend who has your back.


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