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Nerdwallet: How to Untangle Your Finances in a Divorce

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Bev O'Shea for the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the financial decisions that can complicate the emotional upheaval of a split. Before you agree to any division, Lili says “it is really important for the receiving person to understand the nature of each investment.”  Read More

This is why baby boomers are divorcing at a stunning rate

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Angela Moore for Market Watch on why older couples are deciding to divorce in record numbers. Lili says, “What’s pushing gray divorce is people are living longer and they feel more entitled to living fully. They’ve contributed to raising children, they want an emotional journey, it’s their time now. They may have decades… Read More

Your Money: Older couples ponder financial impact of divorce

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Beth Pinsker for Reuters Money on how older couples approach the financial aspects of divorce. Lili says, "Some couples are now putting together 'post-nuptial' agreements when they physically separate, just so there are rules for financial arrangements to cover things like disposable income and debts." Read More

Magnify Money: How to confront an overspending spouse

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Brittney Laryea for Magnify Money on how to handle a spouse who is chronically overspending. Lili says, "Financial infidelity is not a financial exercise, its an emotional exercise. Sometimes overspending may be the result of miscommunication, emergency spending, or unrelated, deeply seated emotional issues like an addiction." Read More

Signs of Divorce: What to Look for and What to Do

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Veronica Dagher for the Wall Street Journal on the topic of the signs of divorce such as changes in behavior, spending habits and other signs that a spouse could be contemplating divorce. Lili says, "behavioral and workplace changes are common red flags." Read More

Should I Write a Book?

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Ingrid Case for Financial Planning focused on the topic of taking the leap to become a published author. Lili describes her own book writing experience and notes that an effective book is one that the author “can be proud of and brands the author as a leader in their profession."… Read More

My book is featured on the new hit HBO series “Divorce”

On the new HBO hit series "Divorce" a recent episode revolved around the topic of divorce mediation. My book "The Ultimate Divorce Organizer" was shown in a key scene with Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. You can get your own copy of the book by clicking on the Amazon graphic below -- order yours TODAY!