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Suddenly single? Wait before tackling money matters

In this article for CNBC.com, Lili Vasileff shares her insight in a discussion of what to do -- and what not to do -- when people suddenly find themselves single. Lili says: “Many times with a divorce, individuals just let the dust settle and don't open the divorce agreement and end up missing critical deadlines. ” Read More

How Can Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?

In this article for SunTrust, Lili Vasileff shares her expertise to help consumers understand how divorce affects credit scores and what steps to take to minimize the impact. Lili says: “The most important tip for people going through a divorce is to “know your finances.” Read More

Real Money Radio – the Pros and Cons of Remarriage

On this episode of Real Money Radio, host David D. Holland talks with Lili Vasileff to explore the pros and cons of re-marrying versus staying single after a divorce. Lili says, "Tax law, benefits, and estate planning are the three key areas to consider. They each have legal ramifications and financial impact, and they drive many of the decisions by individuals… Read More

Financial Planning Empowers Divorcees: Interview

Lili Vasileff, president of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners shares financial planning dos and don'ts

Wed, 07/18/2012 | BY Donald Liebenson
Financial planning in preparation for divorce can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. Lili Vasileff, CFP, president of the Connecticut-based Divorce & Money Matters and president of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, is a pioneer… Read More

Women In Transition

Meeting the challenge to develop adequate retirement income streams

by Lili A. Vasileff, CFP, CDFA

Ms. Vasileff is founder & president of Divorce and Money Matters, LLC. She is a nationally recognized fee only financial planner and independent investment advisor. Connect with her by e-mail at lili@divorcematters.com 
Women have unique challenges facing retirement and handle retirement preparation differently… Read More

Divorce Your House When You Divorce Your Spouse

Divorce Your House When You Divorce Your Spouse

Feb 10, 2012 Marcie Geffner HSH.com Divorce is never a happy circumstance, and the financial necessity of selling your home as a result can compound the emotional stress. Still, even if you're inclined to keep your house post-divorce, selling is oftentimes the best solution, even if it means taking a loss, according to Carl… Read More

Advisers Brace for Correction

By: Liz Skinner Published By: Investment News May 12, 2013 The extended rally in stocks has led financial advisers to take steps to prepare portfolios for a pullback. Advisers are also actively helping clients curb their enthusiasm - and fears - about the new peaks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow industrials closed above 15,000 for the first time last Tuesday and… Read More

The New Realities of Retirement and Divorce

Single boomers now represent close to one-third of all retirees

By Lili A. Vasileff, CFP, CDFA

Ms. Vasileff is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner™ professional, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and President of Divorce and Money Matters, LLC with offices in CT and NY. Lili is a nationally recognized expert in financial planning for divorce as a… Read More

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