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Magnify Money: How to confront an overspending spouse

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Brittney Laryea for Magnify Money on how to handle a spouse who is chronically overspending. Lili says, "Financial infidelity is not a financial exercise, its an emotional exercise. Sometimes overspending may be the result of miscommunication, emergency spending, or unrelated, deeply seated emotional issues like an addiction." Read More

Signs of Divorce: What to Look for and What to Do

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Veronica Dagher for the Wall Street Journal on the topic of the signs of divorce such as changes in behavior, spending habits and other signs that a spouse could be contemplating divorce. Lili says, "behavioral and workplace changes are common red flags." Read More

What Divorcees Should Know About New Social Security Rules

Lili Vasileff's latest article has been published on Investopedia, “What Divorcees Should Know About New Social Security Rules.” Investopedia offers timely, trusted and actionable financial information for every investor. Lili will be writing articles to be published there on a regular basis -- we invite you to take a look! ~~~ Click to download a PDF version of this article. View this… Read More

Managing Household Records and Documents

  Every household must work out its own records management system, but some general guidelines can help. A good system will provide an overview of what happens to property after a major life event occurs. Lili offers her advice in her latest blog post... Read More

Upcoming Seminar: Divorce Myth Busters

“Divorce Mythbusters” is a series of public speaking events. Divorce financial expert Lili Vasileff co-presents with Maurice Segall, Attorney Mediator. They discuss the foundation of actual divorce facts in Connecticut while dispelling common divorce “myths.” This presentation is open to all divorce professionals, therapists, and anyone contemplating or going through divorce.

Have you heard these common divorce myths?

...Everything will be split… Read More

Should I Write a Book?

Lili Vasileff is quoted in a recent article by Ingrid Case for Financial Planning focused on the topic of taking the leap to become a published author. Lili describes her own book writing experience and notes that an effective book is one that the author “can be proud of and brands the author as a leader in their profession."… Read More

My book is featured on the new hit HBO series “Divorce”

On the new HBO hit series "Divorce" a recent episode revolved around the topic of divorce mediation. My book "The Ultimate Divorce Organizer" was shown in a key scene with Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. You can get your own copy of the book by clicking on the Amazon graphic below -- order yours TODAY!