Overview of Services

As a pioneer and nationally recognized expert in the field of divorce financial planning, I launched my business over 25 years ago to correct perceived injustices in the legal system that failed families in the long term. I have worked with hundreds of divorces as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and will bring energy, passion and a creative mindset to telling your story.

Divorce Financial Services

My divorce financial planning services are geared to the complexity, size and nature of your case. I help you identify your goals, priorities and needs from the very outset. I ensure you make well informed decisions with peace of mind to achieve a comprehensive divorce settlement for your long-term benefit. I am a trained mediator, an advanced financial specialist in collaborative divorce, and a litigation expert qualified by the New York and Connecticut courts.

Post Divorce Services

After divorce, my client’s financial security comes first. I provide you hands-on assistance to execute terms of your divorce agreement efficiently, productively and accurately. If you have concerns about compliance or modification, I help you sort it out so you can get on with the business of living your life. I mediate any unclear issues to reduce the likelihood and duress of litigation post judgment to save you money.

Marital Agreements and Mediation

I offer financial consulting if you and your spouse are in conflict over finances and require an objective intervention to promote gentle compromise, reconcile different perspectives and possibly resolve discord. I have helped couples articulate financial values and memorialize them in pre- and postnuptial agreements. Whether in a first marriage, remarriage, or in a blended family, with my help you are better able to determine your future.