Divorce Services for Clients

Money is the one thing that couples say they argue about most in marriage. It is easy to imagine how highly charged money arguments become before, during and after divorce!

In divorce, you will experience significant transitions in your financial situation. Without assistance of a divorce financial expert, the changes that occur can be a tipping point relative to the well being for you and your family. Understanding the impact of financial decisions in both the short and long term as they pertain to your lifestyle is knowledge you are entitled to and which is priceless. Our firm offers tailored recommendations that will bring you financial peace of mind, confidence, and sense of security about your future.

Our firm’s founder and president Lili Vasileff is a fee only Certified Financial Planner™  professional, a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics specializing in matrimonial litigation, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, and an Advanced Practitioner in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. Our firm’s divorce financial planning services are essential and integral to every legal process: litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce. Our role as a divorce financial expert is defined by specific engagement and scope of tasks to be performed for each client and their legal professional. Each case is unique. Our platform for advocacy, analysis and strategy for generating settlement options may be different with each legal process.

All matrimonial actions start with common goals: identify the marital estate and needs of the parties. Our firm’s fee only approach promises objectivity and integrity in our recommendations and services to you. Our firm is retained to help attorneys and you to determine all financial issues relating to divorce. Our expertise is sought after by the most well respected law firms and media in the world, such as CNN, CNBC, Financial Advisor Magazine, The New York Times, Investment News and the Wall Street Journal.


Personally, I think you have done more than any other single person in the United States of America to advance the mission of including financial professionals in the divorce process, and I have the greatest respect for you and your efforts.  It is my extreme pleasure to think of you as “friend.”

Edgar G.
Financial Advisor


Divorce Financial Services

  • Mediation (customized, private agreement)
  • Financial neutral (co-mediate and advanced financial specialist in collaborative divorce)
  • Advocate in litigation
  • Litigation testifying expert

Executing Judgment of Divorce

Whether you are a CEO or a stay at home parent, time and sanity remain your most critical resources to preserve following conclusion of your divorce. Our firm provides you with hands on assistance to navigate how to execute terms of your judgment efficiently, productively and accurately. Based on our seasoned experience, we prioritize a timeline for you of action steps, we implement tasks, and we verify accurate follow through.

Post Judgment Modification

Clients frequently revisit their divorce judgment to enforce, modify or change terms of their financial support or marital property division. Our firm helps you to evaluate the cost benefit of your intent to seek change and offers you our financial expertise with: calculating economic damages, arrearages, penalties, taxes, fees, etc. We provide litigation support and qualify as experts for court testimony. In many circumstances, we mediate with you and your ex-spouse to help you effectively and cost efficiently negotiate any terms for modification or compliance, without the duress of initiating legal confrontation.

Financial tasks we do for you: Our expertise includes:
  • Gather and organize financial information
  • Fact finding
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Financial forensics
  • Asset tracing
  • Financial reports: net worth statements; cash flow projections
  • Scenarios for support and division of marital property
  • Future planning & post divorce assistance
  • Mediating or providing evaluation of financial disputes post judgment
  • Expert testimony and expert opinion
  • High net worth individuals
  • Complicated marital assets
  • Special needs planning
  • Modification and post divorce issues
  • Litigation Support