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Why Your Divorce is Unique

As you approach your golden years, you realize you may be heading toward divorce. Now you start asking questions: how does one start the process, how much is it going to cost, and how long does it take?

Many Baby Boomers have misconceptions about divorce. These misconceptions arise from all sorts of people who mean well but mislead when sharing… Read More

What makes sense for a budget?

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News You Can Use:

  1. The number one argument in most marriages is about money.
  2. The 3 biggest unconscious spending habits are: credit card abuse; excessive dining out; entertainment overspending.
  3. Spending wisely is a long term solution – there is no quick fix.
  4. An easy way to draw up a simple spending plan is to organize expenses into three categories:
    • Fixed (mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc.)
    • Variable… Read More

As Year End Approaches: To Shred or Not to Shred

There is always a certain degree of the uncertainty over which records should one keep and for how long. Most people err on the hoarding side and wind up with tons of paper or files that could be shredded or tossed. What do you need to keep and what information does your family need to know? Read More

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