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After focusing for 25 years on the impact of divorce on wealth, Lili goes back up the “pipeline” to present essential strategies and specific examples for how you can protect and preserve wealth against miscommunication, missteps, dissipation, divorce, business breakups and costly legal battles. She speaks about complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand format infused with humor about the rich and famous to illustrate how many common mistakes around money are frequently made. Each topic underscores the importance of personal finance; the consistent management and improvement of your personal finances.

Lili advocates education and offers motivational presentations to help you directly improve your financial situation and knowledge. She develops presentations to share with you that are based on her passion for life-long learning and seasoned expertise. She offers a variety of presentations on current topics for a range of audiences from financial novices to tax and legal professionals – she relates stories with cautionary tales and key takeaway lessons.

The world of financial planning isn’t always easy or convenient. Lili makes it exciting, enriching and impactful.

Lili is available for live, in-person speaking presentations for your conference, group meeting, or private group event.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss having Lili speak at your next event.

  • Conference session
  • Professional Retreat
  • Keynote
  • Private group meeting
  • VIP Day

Recent topics include:

  • 3 Key Strategies for Protecting Wealth Using Remarkably Simple Steps
  • Narcissism and Control over Money in Romantic Relationships
  • The Platinum Retirement Challenge – Gray Divorce, The Perfect Storm
  • Divorce 101
  • Divorce and Taxes
  • Divorcing Families with Special Needs Children

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Speaking appearances include: