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Death, Taxes…and Divorce?

How the new tax changes will impact planning for divorcing couples

by Lili Vasilef

Ms. Vasileff, president emeritus of the national Association of Divorce Financial Planners, and nationally acclaimed author, speaker and practitioner at www.divorceandmoneymatters.

It is difficult to assess the impact of tax law changes will have on folks… Read More

Why Post-Divorce Finances Are Trickier Than You Think

In this article for, Lili Vasileff examines the value of ex-spouses creating a mutually acceptable post-divorce action plan for moving forward once the ink is dry on your divorce decree. Lili says: “The necessary logistical details are rarely spelled out in a divorce agreement, and they always place the burden of follow-through on the divorced couple.” Read More

Suddenly single? Wait before tackling money matters

In this article for, Lili Vasileff shares her insight in a discussion of what to do -- and what not to do -- when people suddenly find themselves single. Lili says: “Many times with a divorce, individuals just let the dust settle and don't open the divorce agreement and end up missing critical deadlines. ”Read More

How Can Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?

In this article for SunTrust, Lili Vasileff shares her expertise to help consumers understand how divorce affects credit scores and what steps to take to minimize the impact. Lili says: “The most important tip for people going through a divorce is to “know your finances.”Read More

Start Preparing for Same-Sex Divorce

In this article written by Lili Vasileff for, Lili examines the impact on the legal landscape of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Lili says: “Same-sex married couples need to take control of their financial planning and leave as little as possible to interpretation."

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