Divorce and the Special Needs Child

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  There are few challenges more difficult than going through a divorce while having a special needs child.  When a special needs child is involved, issues of child custody, visitation, support and property division can be significantly more complex. Divorcing parents with a special needs child confront singular issues.  For example, that… Read More

The New Age of Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce is a time of great emotion, transition, and planning.  Your client may be the initiator of the divorce or the party who is on the receiving end of notice - but either way, the financial union is soon to be over, and your client will need expert financial guidance.  Most likely, you will need to provide advice, either… Read More

Secrets and Lies

Marital secrets, forged signatures and warring spouses - molehills, not Madoff, plague most financial advisors.

By Janice Fioravante
July 1, 2012
Financial planners are still trying to live down Bernie Madoff's mayhem. FINRA may be named to regulate investment advisors. Most wealth managers, though, aren't wrestling with Ponzi schemes or additional scrutiny. Advisors' burdens often center… Read More

Interview: Financial Planning Empowers Divorcees

Financial planning in preparation for divorce can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. Lili Vasileff, CFP, president of the Connecticut-based Divorce & Money Matters and president of the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, is a pioneer in an industry that she believed was not addressing perhaps the most intimidating question facing women going through a divorce: “What do… Read More

Give Your Practice a Makeover to Attract Women

By Liz Skinner April 8, 2012 6:01 am ET Financial advisory firms that have found success focusing on female clients share a few common marketing and hiring traits — as well as some other tactics —  that keep women walking through their doors. “If you are a financial adviser, you have to show a woman you care about more than just her… Read More

Checklists for Special Needs Children

Below is a couple of checklists intended to help parents of speical needs children. 

Divorce Checklists for Special Needs Children

Checklist A: Visitation Checklist □        Medicines and non prescription supplements / treatments □        Medical equipment □        Modified equipment
  • Ramp
  • Gait belt
  • Stander
  • Walker
  • Wheelchair / Stroller
  • Leg Braces / Orthotics
  • Communication Aids: Assistive technology, symbol cards, recording devices
  • Visual Aids
  • Audio Aids
  • Headphones
  • DVD players & special movies / visuals
  • CD players… Read More

Advisors Name Favorite Actively Managed Mutual Funds

April 24, 2012   By Karen DeMasters   Each financial advisor who manages mutual funds for his clients has a  favorite or two that fulfills a specific goal in their clients'  portfolios. Financial Advisormagazine recently asked several advisors to reveal their favorites. The advisors, who report they are satisfied with the expenses compared to the returns, have been using some of the… Read More

Finances and the newly single

Original Article on https://retirementplans.vanguard.com/VGApp/pe/pubnews/DivorcedWomen.jsf The divorce proceedings may be over and the papers signed. But for many, divorce brings a new challenge: Figuring out how to handle the financial decisions—on everything from budgeting to investing—that may have been handled before by their spouse.

What steps should the newly divorced take to get a grip on their new financial situation? To find out… Read More

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