We all have major stressors in our lives but rarely do we find an expert who has walked in our shoes and can provide trusted objective guidance to show us the way to tailored solutions.

You will at some time in your life deal with financial issues arising from conflict and life’s transitions, both planned and unexpected, such as divorce, remarriage, blending families, career upheaval, a major life shift and business breakups. Most of us find it daunting to break the silence over talking about money, to claim what you are entitled to and to protect your wealth against its loss.

You know what gives you peace of mind and security. You simply need someone who can speak in clear English to help teach you, communicate, negotiate, invest and plan for your future. Your hard work at building wealth should ensure that your wishes and those of your loved ones are respected in preparing and planning for your legacy.

Our philosophy is straightforward. Your fears, challenges, concerns and priorities are precisely what’s important to us and we listen carefully. You are not lost in a process nor are you shuttled between different professionals. Whatever your needs are, whatever event you are experiencing, we will compassionately guide you toward confidence and greater financial control for now and in the future. You will have a game plan and never again feel ill prepared and helpless when it comes to protecting your wealth. You will see your big picture and together, we will pay attention to the smallest details.

Our Services Include:

You will benefit from clear cut financial, tax and legal strategies for everything from financial disentanglement to nurturing sustainable and harmonious relationships with your loved ones concerning the transfer of your wealth. You will achieve affirmative closure and find the answers. But you don’t have to do it alone. Together we create solutions. No one better understands the challenges and needs of preparing for wealth transfer than we do!

How Do We Do It? We:

  • Answer specific problems using our expert knowledge.
  • Engage you in a proactive process that focuses on resolving conflicts or defusing emotionally charged issues that distract you from protecting your wealth.
  • Facilitate interpersonal and business communications for the long-term.
  • Excel at investing your money for wealth preservation, income and growth.
  • Nurture you, empower you, communicate and advocate for you.
  • Help you avoid missteps and mistakes that can be a trap for the loss of wealth, misspent inheritances, volatile relationships, and outliving one’s money.
  • Come up with a solution for wealth protection and management.

Wealth Protection Management is a private financial planning boutique and an independent Registered Investment Advisor. Our wealth protection and investment management advisory services are fee only, hourly based and a percentage of assets under management. Meeting your unique needs through life’s transitions and the transfer of wealth is our only priority and privilege.

We have a talent for protecting what’s important….
We find pearls that emerge from irritation and hard work.


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