In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
– Albert Einstein

Wealth Protection Management evolved over 25 years from a strategic focus of working with clients before, during and after divorce to also include broader, more comprehensive wealth protection techniques.

We go back up the “pipeline” from the end decision to divorce, to illuminate and provide wealth management planning as part of life’s series of transitions. We take an interdisciplinary approach and apply tailored strategies to help individuals know when and how to pre-empt and resolve conflicts over money to protect and invest wealth.

Personal wealth, life’s transitions and the transfer of wealth are areas that are often taboo to discuss, plan and prepare for. For women especially, controlling private wealth and gaining decision-making power over money can be a life changing event. We empower our clients, primarily women and families, to feel secure managing their financial lives.

  • We provide unparalleled insight, guidance, analysis and recommendations on how you can meet the challenges you’re up against and grow the wealth you’re entitled to.
  • We make talking about money simple and to the point.
  • We untangle and resolve competing needs and interests.
  • We facilitate transparent and honest conversations.
  • We make it personal and create unique tailored solutions – much more than just providing simple answers.
  • We fearlessly dive in to conflicts over money to save you from making critical mistakes that endanger your wealth and legacy.
  • Then, we help you invest it to protect and grow your wealth.

Wealth Protection Management

Protecting wealth relies on proactive advocacy and tools to help you feel confident, secure and in control of your future after transition. You will benefit from our clear cut financial, tax and legal strategies for everything from financial disentanglement to nurturing sustainable and harmonious relationships with your loved ones concerning the transfer of your wealth. Together we will achieve affirmative closure and find the answers.

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Divorce and Money Matters

All matrimonial actions start with common goals: identify the marital estate and needs of the parties. Our role is defined by specific engagement and scope of tasks to be performed for each client. Each case is unique. Our platform for advocacy, analysis and strategy for generating settlement options may be different with each legal process. Our firm is retained to help attorneys and you to determine all financial issues relating to divorce.

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Consulting Programs & Speaker Workshops

We personalize an intensive consulting approach to navigating family dynamics to establish harmony among differences. We build communication pathways, develop a sustainable plan for the transfer of wealth and avoid common traps of loss of wealth. Our motivational presentations cover a variety of current topics and we tailor to a range of audiences from financial novices to tax and legal professionals –with stories infused with humor and key takeaway lessons.

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The Most Important Action You Can Take is to Engage Our Expertise.

We have a strong reputation and extensive experience in wealth management, investments, estate planning, divorce, mediation, special needs, and litigation support. We are a trusted counselor and sought-after educator for individuals and businesses around the country.

Lili A. Vasileff, The Wealth Protection Expert, understands and facilitates conversations around diverse issues, challenging conflicts, and difficult decisions. She has over 30 years of wealth management and investment expertise.

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