Lili. Your work as a neutral financial specialist in mediation and collaborative matters has been instrumental in helping my clients reach an amicable and equitable resolution.  


Divorcing Business Owner

My ex-spouse and I are very lucky to have you as advisor to our mediation, and I am so reassured that she will have someone of your wisdom and talent to guide her in financial planning after the divorce.



Thank you for your time yesterday. I came away knowing how much I still don’t know but also an interest in moving forward and learning more. I appreciate your patience, knowledge, guidance and insight. If I have any friends or clients that may be contemplating a divorce, I know that I can entrust them to you to get valued guidance through what may be one of the most difficult periods in their lives.


Financial Advisor

Thank you for your time and effort. Your presence and contribution in our meetings is invaluable. I know our client is counting on us to do right by her and you are a good balance in that room. I know I can be a bit short at times and must keep her on track and you are the gentle nod that says to her “it will be alright”. I appreciate the clarity you have in coming up with language for the agreement.

Name Withheld


I saw you many years ago. You gave me to financial confidence to move forward and — in my case, to do so while staying married. I have had several women in my office recently, in various financial situations and various relationship scenarios or single.  Your name is coming up again, as I think very highly of you, and I’ve candidly shared some of my history with you, with them.  I describe you as a beautiful, accomplished, super-smart woman, who has knowledge that women need.  Knowledge is power and, potentially, freedom.  Financial freedom is beautiful.

Carolyn W.

Financial Advisor

Thanks again for who you are and for being such a great support and coach. When this is all over, count on me to write accolades, tomes, volumes, prose, pages, notes, poems, chapters, verses, and song in your testimonial book.

Donna D.


Personally, I think you have done more than any other single person in the United States of America to advance the mission of including financial professionals in the divorce process, and I have the greatest respect for you and your efforts.  It is my extreme pleasure to think of you as “friend.”

Edgar G.

Financial Advisor

I just wanted to write a note of thanks to you.   I was frankly astonished at how quickly and simply we finalized the support package.  I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you.  We never would have gotten to this point in such a good place without you.  And for me personally, you were such an important voice of reason and equitable compromise.  I will be forever in your debt for the professionalism and caretaking you showed to both my wife and myself.  So, thank you again for everything. 



I am not sure you remember me, but you worked on my divorce about 7 years ago.  You were very professional and compassionate and I appreciated that, even though we were adversaries at the time.  I don’t know how Facebook proposed you, but it is still a great opportunity to say hi, and thank you for your sanity at a difficult time.



Thank you so much !  I Really appreciate your blend of professionalism with genuine care and kindness!  And your understanding in my completely stressful And overly-packed life right now is really appreciated!