We strive to provide a clear and straightforward plan for our clients who have investible assets and seek to achieve peace of mind and financial security. We feel privileged to provide you with a fresh start with investment advisory services that will help transform your financial relationships and empower you to regain control with financial responsibility for protecting your wealth. Our wealth management plan simply enhances your lifestyle needs now and for future generations. 

The principles of our investment philosophy are:

  • We specialize in clients with $2 million to $35 million in investible assets
  • We prioritize personal service, preparation, value, and communication with our clients
  • We believe women investors have unique needs and preferences
  • We help you grow your wealth
  • We relish the opportunity to educate you about financial decisions
  • We want you to be involved with how your money works for you
  • We offer financial planning services as part of your overall investment planning goals
  • We offer tailored comprehensive wealth mentoring solutions and consulting programs, families and organizations
  • Diversification is key
  • Risk and return are related
  • Market timing is inefficient