3 KEY Strategies for Protecting Wealth – Remarkably Simple Steps to Do Everything You Need to Do

This insightful presentation will guide you through the messiest parts of protecting your wealth – money conflicts during life’s transitions and the transfer of wealth. Whether you have a team of professionals or handle your wealth decisions yourself, you inevitably face alone your loved ones and business partners when the going gets tough.

After focusing for 25 years on the impact of divorce on wealth, Lili shares an interdisciplinary approach, and the 3 KEY strategies for when and how to pre-empt and resolve conflicts to protect and invest wealth. She shares stories infused with humor about the rich and famous to illustrate how many common mistakes are frequently made.

Learn how to:

  • Prepare to communicate about your wealth with clarity of intention
  • Develop ways to protect your wealth during life’s transitions and the transfer of wealth
  • Dramatically reduce the trap of loss of wealth
  • Manage your wealth to accomplish financial objectives with certainty

How to Resolve Money Conflicts to Protect Your Wealth

Learn how to get comfortable talking about money and how it affects your relationships. After focusing for 25 years on the impact of divorce on wealth, Lili goes back up the “pipeline” to present essential strategies and specific examples for how you can protect and preserve wealth against miscommunication, missteps, dissipation, divorce, business breakups and costly legal battles. She speaks about complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand format infused with humor to illustrate how many common mistakes around money are frequently made.

Learn how to:

  • Know if your wealth is protected, if kept separate or is commingled
  • Embrace family dynamics and assess competing needs and interests
  • Overcome ANY money conflict through preparation and planning
  • Take action to protect and manage wealth from unanticipated transitions and unplanned transfers

How to Absolutely Improve Every Important Personal Relationship and Honestly Resolve Nasty Money Conflicts

Learn why avoiding talking about money with loved ones is sadly the “normal” in most households. Money is the #1 predictor of failed marriages and why most people divorce. Given that $30 trillion in wealth will be transferred in the next decade, we have greater diversity than ever in our family structures, and finances are becoming increasingly complex, many people feel ill prepared for the responsibility of making comprehensive wealth decisions.

During this presentation, Lili illustrates the perils of ignoring talking about your wealth and its destructive impact on relationships. Fearlessly diving in where few advisors dare to go, she shares real stories about common challenges, mistakes, and hurdles that challenge families and what steps you must take to remedy avoiding the money talk.

Learn how to:

  • Dramatically reduce unintended loss of wealth
  • Develop positive communication with your loved ones about wealth and its transfer
  • Overcome any money conflicts through preparation and planning
  • Achieve your vision for your legacy, save your family and save your wealth

Effective Strategies for Drafting Financial Agreements that Help Every Attorney

As professionals we do our best to write comprehensive agreements that include specificity and clarity of intention in our orders. Yet the implementation of such orders is in the hands of our clients and we are well aware of how vulnerable or problematic these orders become if ignored, disobeyed, misconstrued, or manipulated erroneously.

After focusing for 25 years on the impact of divorce on wealth, Lili shares an interdisciplinary approach to help guide you through effective and unambiguous drafting of the financial sections of any divorce, separation, prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. With the devil being in the detail, she will share examples of clauses that have led to post judgment motions, appeals and her involvement as an expert in malpractice litigation.

Learn how to:

  • Write clearly and include when appropriate examples of calculations
  • Identify conflicting and incongruous clauses to avoid post judgment motions or appeals
  • Avoid missteps and mistakes concerning IRS compliance
  • Create sustainable agreements for your clients that enhance their satisfaction and minimize potential professional liability

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